Yeh Gorgeous

Wang again, winter 2010

Esther and Suzie

I collaborated with Esther Robinson for this 2 day animation project set last year in Foundation. The brief instructed us to pick a word from 3 different lists of characters, mediums and actions and incorporate them into an animation in any way we wish. We chose an old lady, a projector and swimming. This is the result...

Location Drawing

It just didn't work

Sir Fred Birks


This series of drawings were for one of the first breifs given this year titled, ''Nursery Crimes''.
We had to take an existing nursery rhyme and illustrate it once we had made it into a crime. Taking inspiration from a children's book on rabbits that I bought from a charity shop, I chose Jack and Jill. Here is the new and improved version...

Jack and Jill went up the hill
To have some hanky panky
Silly Jill let out a shrill 
was caught, charged and locked up for having public spanky


Home sweet home

Hey Lewis, Lewis, check it out

Happy birthday Big L, you know what the above drawing is all about. Wish I could have gotten my crimps out last night but I am home before 12 tomoro bearing gifts to make up for it (naaaaT)

Pop a cap in his ass

Probably should start drawing again... I miss you mojo 

Don't panic

Happy Twenteenth

Im 20 today...
Above, Mum before she was twenty


Invisible Cities


p.s these pictures belong to


I went to the National History Museum in Tring which holds the most bizarre range of stuffed animals collected by Lionel Walter Rothschild. I love going there as it costs £0.00 to visit and still I can recline there all day . And yes, that is Lionel riding the turtle.

All images taken on a Canon G10

What the HELL is that?

A domestic boar and a bearded pig for your information
Canon G10 5.11.09

Zoo de la Tring

Canon G10 5.11.09

In dire need of some inspiration so what better place to go.
Tring Museum, Akeman Road

Sexy Ging

Bloody love ginger hair. I want it

taken 2 years ago for photography project. Laura Kirk is a (ginger) stud

Its nice to see you, to see you NICE

HIYA my name is Suzie and I've decided to become a blog whore. I'm really bored of blogs so instead of not looking at them, I made one in a bid to change my mind again. It will show my own illustrations and photographs along with some chit chat, inspirations and quirks that I stumble upon each day. Hope its unlike anything else you have seen... which is unlikely. Please enjoy x